Community Box 💓 MemberSpace

If you’re serious about building a membership business online, you’re probably using MemberSpace. We are pleased to offer a fully-featured, automated integration with your existing MemberSpace list. Showcase your members and enable them to communicate with each other. They can create beautifully formatted custom profiles and search for other members by location, tags or many other ways.


No credit card required. No spam. We won't share your details.

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Add a directory to any page

Just copy and paste two little bits of code to add to your site. You can share it publically, or behind a MemberSpace protected area.

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Show members on a map

Visualise your members’ locations. Set up additional directories where your members can add more data (e.g. their favorite restaurants or climbing walls)


let your members network

Help your members connect with each other. Get metrics on who is networking the most.


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