Community Box Privacy Policy.

1. What data we store on your device

In order to improve the your Community Box experience, and protect your Community Box security credentials, we store small pieces of data (commonly known as "cookies") in your web browser's storage area.

2. What we track

While you are logged in to Community Box we monitor your user experience, and in particular any errors you encounter, so that we can continue to improve the quality and speed of the Community Box dashboard.

We track and collect uploads and activity from Members in any Boxes you set up, both in order to improve the quality and the speed of the Box experience for your members, as well as ensure there are no violations of the Terms and Conditions, or in order to comply with requests from law enforcement or other authorised government agencies.

3. What data we store

We store any data that is necessary for the display and processing of your Box (e.g., the box contents themselves, and any settings or customisations you have made to the Boxes). We also store your contact details so that we can get in touch with you for business purposes (e.g., to alert you to a technical problem, or resolve any payment issues). We also store usage metrics in order for our internal teams to improve the Community Box experience.

4. What data we share

We are committed to your privacy and we do not share data with any 3rd parties, except in the case of requests from law enforcement and other authorised government agencies.

5. How we process your data

Your data is stored and processed in the form of reports, and real-time monitoring and metrics. These are used internally within our company to allow us to improve our services so we can better meet your needs.

6. How you can obtain and erase the data we store about you

If you wish to obtain copies of any data we store about you, or for us to erase that data (note that this would imply terminating your account with us), then you can email with the subject line "GDPR request" and we will follow up with you to ascertain what action is required.